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Let Yourself Bloom

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Set 1 Includes One 6x8 and Three 2x2 Stickers (Total of 4 Stickers)

Set 2 Includes One 4x5 and Four 2x2 Stickers (Total of 5 Stickers)

Set 3 Includes Eight 2x2 Stickers ( Total of 8 Stickers)

Our glossy stickers have a finish that lets your colors shine! ✔ Gloss Finish ✔ Waterproof ✔ Adhesive Back ✔
Our Vinyl Self-adhesive Glossy Paper is of exceptional quality, and can be used for many different creative and artistic purposes. The sticker is perfect for any smooth surface like Laptops, windows ,metal,  signs, scrapbooking ,plastics , Journals, etc.

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